We are part of Something exciting, can you feel it, as I look around I see love , kindness , people doing small things in big ways to make a difference in their own life’s.  This  has a rippling impact in all areas of their life and those with whom they connect and beyond.

This is at the core of the guided mediations that I have been channelling  since 2010.  They help me and many others in dealing with day to day challenges of life.  To bring JOY into all areas of our life and beyond.

When we do the inner work change happens in our physical world.  I call this magical and you are the magic we have been waiting for.

You are being called to DREAM bigger, lets unlock your TRUE magic together and enjoy the journey

The meditations have been integrated  with divine  ART and we ,have lovingly   created beautiful prints available in the Sunshine Glen shop.

We know you have this divine connection within you

We honour your uniqueness

You have many tools and talents to support you on your path and we honour them and encourage you to share and integrate them.

The Sunshine Glen membership  is a space to  start to fully bring your TRUE  gifts to the light and release anything that is not part of the New Way of Being on the Planet.

You are already on the path and I am  offering an opportunity to DREAM bigger together.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.Henry David Thoreau

This Year 2020  has been challenging and it was the Numerological Number 4 & 0  year  (for establishing Strong Foundations to allow the amazing energies to bring abundance to YOU, YOUR COMMUNITY AND BEYOND.You will have access to the DREAM BIGGER GIFT  and this provides  strong building blocks to take into 2021!   I am offering you the Key are you ready to step in to your TRUE Magnificence?