Thank you our  precious boy

For choosing me to be your Guardian

You have helped me heal so much

Helped me connect and ground on our beloved planet

 You truly are an angel

The tears have streamed

My heart has opened wide

43 petals of unconditional love

Leaving the last one until we meet again

I know it will be special 

I trust in the divine timing

Teaching me ! Once more Oneness is real

You are always with me

We set you free

Like a wonderful genie

Ready to find your next adventure

I sense you are the scouting party

Paving the way for us to raise our vibration

Bringing  forth the deep wisdom within 

Fulfilling our Divine mission on this beloved Planet

You are my light , my love, my Joy

As we let you out of the Magical Urn

We feel you flying with the butterflies, the birds and the bees

Looking down,  on us from above

No pain, no slowness, no limitations

Flying free with the ascended beings of light 

No words to express

Despite your testing ways

Allowing you to be a dog

Enjoying the mud

Enjoying the food

Enjoying the pooh (yuck)

I thank you for deciding to stay and guard our precious boys

The love you shared with precious friends

The inspiration for the creative work

The fun we had and love you take on your next adventure

You stretched me and helped me grow 

You stretched my heart, shattering it gently open wide to feel unconditional love

We love you and We treasure the memories filling our hearts with JOY

Our  renaissance dog of light leading the way to our next adventure

Have fun and bask in the arms of your divine mother and father

Rainbow bubbles  of light following wherever you roam