How is the Beauty that Surrounds US  helping YOU  Heal

I love watching  Orchids grow in fact when we were having our new kitchen I designed it around the Orchids as they bring me so much JOY.

I nurture them and marvel at how beautiful they are . 

Take a moment and look at something in your home, garden or space you go to lift you up and marvel at the beauty of Nature.  See it as a mirror of YOU.

To show you as beautiful as nature

See your reflection in nature

How can we be like the Orchid trusting that all will flow no pushing or pulling to make it blossom just taking steps to nurture and ensure it loves the SPACE within.

When I feel a little sad or my energy is low-vibration.   I often look to the beauty that surrounds US.

One day I looked at the Hibiscus in full bloom.

to uplift , inspire and heal

Beauty Helping Us Heal

We can be surrounded and inspired by the spaciousness of nature , helping us forget our cares and worries and connect to the wonderful beauty surrounding US.

For me one of the Go to Tools I use to express the beauty of nature is to write a poem .  What is your go to tool?

The Wonderful Hibiscus Plant inspired me to write this Poem

The Magical simple power of Mother Nature

Taking time to observe

No pushing just a knowing that it will blossom in divine timing

Letting go of control ! Only peaceful powerful expectation of a miracle

Taking time to just be in nature

Appreciating the magic that surrounds us in every moment

When the days are dark within and outside

Mother Nature is always there to help us keep the spark alive

Memories of sandy beaches with family friends and perfect strangers

Beautiful sunny seas the smell of the sea , the noise and feeling deep cleansing energies

Windy autumn days, crisp and fresh

Snow capped mountains of magic and fun

Birds and wonderful animals sharing their majesty

Breathe in the purity and let yourself receive

All is well and in perfect divine timing no pushing , no rushing just flowing action

Stop breathe and be at peace the storms are here to show how strong and supported we are in every moment.


Fiona C James Sunshine Glen Created 12th February 2020

JOIN US  on the 22 days of Self Healing  Journey and YOU can

  • Find your own sacred space to nurture yourself. Give yourself the GIFT of 22 days Self Healing
  • Tune into and connect to your wise guidance on how to bring balance and harmony to your life
  • Be in a community that sees your beauty
  • Be empowered to make the changes you need to make space for YOU
  • Celebrate each step of the Self healing Journey