Here is how You can unlock your divine magic

Do you desire to unlock your magic within?

Do you desire divine transformation?

Welcome to the magical space of Sunshine Glen. I am your personal guide, Fiona C James. Here you will connect to your true essence and your unlimited creative potential.

Through my Divine ART, we will raise your vibration together.

Through customized meditations, original artwork, and personally guided journeys, you will be deeply nurtured and healed.

Welcome to Sunshine Glen, where time no longer exists.

Just you and the divine.

It is your birthright to be happy, and the key is raising your vibration. At Sunshine Glen we do this for you.

Holding the key to your magical essence, I can’t wait to connect and journey with you!


Divine Gifts 

Divine ART


 What I truly love about the paintings is that everyone receives a different divine message that is unique to them.   

For me this  painting embodies  the essence of my divine healing work .  What do you sense?    

Chell, shared:“I see a beautiful Earth Mother dressed in purple and white surrounded by emanations of turquoise… She is dancing and weaving her world into existence…Don’t ask me where that came from 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s just what I saw 🥰💃  

 We have captured the essence of this magical space which enables you to connect to your true magic that we all have within.

 Remember you are magnificent.  

Check out the online shop  .  When you receive the magical print you also will receive a divine blessing because I truly love you.


  Divine Guidance  

Are you ready to transform your life?

How would you feel if you had some time out just to connect with your wise self to receive magical guidance 

 You have the wisdom within to know what works for you. I have the toolbox to let this wisdom come forward with ease and unconditional love.

Lets unlock your divine magic together 

one to one guidance sessions available in 2020.



GUIDED Meditations


During the past 10 years I have co-created   beautiful and powerful meditations. The meditations take you on  magical journeys to receive answers to challenges you may be facing.  

They create an inner sanctuary of peace , inspiration and whatever you intend.  You will feel  connected to the wise guide within or whatever resonates with you..   A sample of the meditation is available for download  fee to tune into the essence  of the magical work I offer.  Please contact me if you would like to experience a live one to one meditation experience 

Know you are Magnificent 


“Had an AMAZING day thanks to Fiona James  – the penny is finally dropping !!

- Gemma

““This is the happiest I’ve been for such a long time thank you”    

- Denise