No More Lessons
The time has come
JOY is here
All is in flow
YOU are floating
Untethered, free at last
Congratulations & celebration
You have made it
Accept your birthright
Well done
All is well
Old patterns fall away
Your TRUE essence stands strong
Hip hip hooray…
No need to revisit and judge
You are magnificent
Trust and believe
All is well
New birth
New age of pure JOY
Share with all you meet
Your essence is pure
No judgement
No regrets
Compassion means letting go with LOVE
Allowing others to follow their divine path
Letting go of control
True surrender 
Not giving up  on JOY and Hope letting it ripple out
No more struggle
Only fun, laughter and Unicorn frolics
Play and share
Nothing to fix
All is in flow
The people who have the skills you need are flocking to you
A wonderful environment to raise the vibration of all
Your divine works in flow
Trust and receive
Trust and give
All is within and rippling in flow
Speak divine truth
Speak from your guidance
Divine Guide of laughter, love and joy
All is in flow
You have passed GO in the game of life
Heaven is here on Earth
Congratulations to all who you mirror
Congratulations to the beautiful planet we live on
Healing, inspiring and being at one with all that is in flow and ease
No judgement only Joy
And so it is
And so it is
And so it is
And so it is

Poem created Friday 22/11/2019    at  Sunshine Glen