Feeling confused 

Not knowing what way to turn

Guilt , confusion, wanting to be right

Wanting to take control

Run away

Blame others

Blame Covid

Feeling alone

Wanting to run away

Retreat be a victim

Hearing the words whispering quietly as we stop to listen 

Get into Our  heart

Feeling resistance

Then the breakthrough happens

Feeling the tears

Allow the GRIEF to rise up flow through

Feeling ideas floating through

From a place of TRUTH

Understanding  compassion , ideas of collaboration

Ask for help

Working together is the way the truth the solution 

Letting go of guilt of not being respectful

Letting go of regrets

Letting go to the light for US  to process and be of service here on earth

NOT floating away in clouds for angels to process

Sitting with the thoughts moving through the judgemental thought 

Owning them from a place of SELF LOVE 

Feeling surrounded by the love of GOD

Being guided with the wings of Angels

To be in the problem from a higher perspective

Seeing the eagle flying high

A message of how unlimited WE are 

Being in the world trusting and being shown 

Times gone by when solutions were found

From the loving strength of the heart all

Solutions appear and the highest outcome for all is found with ease joy and often laughter 

Reach out for help

All is okay

Honouring the path of your beloved family

Trusting the divine loving strength within

Finding ways to let go of the grief shock 

From the heart where love is boss the true leader of light 

Love is strength navigating through these troubled times

To a place of healing, strength and truth for all

Being in JOY one day at a time

To feel the presence of divinity in OUR  beloved family 

And beyond no limits 

To be in flow to be in JOY to have fun

Even in the chaos and what appears unjust 

Know that  this challenge is helping US grow

Feeling and acting from pure love is guiding OUR souls journey 

Leading from the heart Is the new way of being

No need to fight just allow loving strength  to flow through

And feel the pain , release the pain and Know  you are a being of light

A spark from the divine and all is well

Trusting all is well

And you are one with all that is 

Created by Fiona C James.   Sunshine Glen. 17th May 2021