It lives in all of us

A place of connection to TRUTH

A place within available to all

Purity of your Soul Essence

A knowing that suffering is part of healing

The divine is alway with us in every moment just ask

We are never alone in our time of darkness

Be brave, be strong, be JOYFUL

Find the spark reignite the flame

Share together

A place of LOVE transcending FEAR

A place of COURAGE transcending BLAME


Let us remember, feel, heal the wounds together

Let us take this experience to create , create , create together our TRUE desires

The essence of our soul leading us in UNITY

Be not in the shadow come forth into he light 

Shine YOUR light let it not be a burden to you but a beacon for others

Every cell of YOUR being awaits to come fully alive

Be the light of transformation from a place of JOY , Gratitude and HOPE

Know you are loved and You are love

Be the light fully ignite your spark and grow the eternal flame of hope

And so it is, And so be it, And so it is