Letting the feelings surface

No Judgement  Nor guilt

Only allowing and awareness

Then to process

To move to your solar plexus

To allow the heart to feel

The thoughts to float away

A frustration

An impatience

The spark of motivation arising

Facing the problem

Head on engaging the heart

Being real

Asking for help!

Remembering past times of strength

Vocalising frustrations with compassion

Letting go with strength and pure love

Detaching from drama

Detaching from control

Releasing allowing receiving

Moving in Divine truth

Gently, swiftly like a deer

Pure essence of the divine within

Allowing others to move

Gracefully JOYFULLY  in their flow

Merging and detaching

Allowing and detracting

Human and Divine

You are both and so much more 

Unlimited being of light and love


Bringing forth JOY

Allowing Allowing 

Abundance Abundance

Direction and peacefulness

Fun hoping knowing and trusting

All is well 

All is divine 

Earth to Earth

Ashes to Ashes

Reawaken in every moment

Be the source of JOY

From a place of Love 

No need to fix 

Allow enjoy and be at peace

You are loved

You are one

You are ascending into the light

Always was always will be

Pure divine essence for all who ASK

Thou will receive


And so it is 

And so it is