Question: Why do it ? Answer: Because it works !

On the 29th of April  2014 which was a New Moon and Solar Eclipse   I set the  intention  :

To work with the energies  of the cycles of the  moon.  This is a life time journey and I NOW love connecting to the energies of the moon cycles and allowing intentions to manifest. 

 It is very powerful and reassuring to be conscious of the impact the moon and planets have in OUR  life particularly with my emotions (energy in motion)  

When we feel overwhelmed by the energies we can learn how to ground  and work with the energies. .  I share this  wisdom with people in my community and it makes sense to them and gives a  context to how they are feeling.

Some of the ways to ground the energies are :

  1.  Go  for a walk in nature
  2.  I listen to astrology forecasts, paint and create a new moon meditation
  3.  Create space in our home for the new to start to grow 
  4. Nurture the seeds (projects ) that I have already planted and celebrate how they have grown 
  5. Give thanks for that which has blossomed. 

I would love to know how you Work/play with the energies of the cycles of the Moon?

To inspire to set intentions with the new moon

Set your intentions with the Power of the New Moon NOW

The New Moon is on Sunday Evening or early hours of Monday morning in the UK. 

  • Take some time over the next week to light a candle and be in a quiet space to write down your intention for this moon cycle. 
  • Make the intention  positive and feel that it has already happened you can do this by thinking of a time that you set an intention/a goal/dream and it manifested. 

If doubts come in reframe your intention until it feels positive and inspiration.  Know you deserve to receive what you desire

Today I was guided to create this beautiful poem.  I sense the planet Venus is working with US and the energies were part of the Full Moon Meditation in March available on my Youtube  Channel 


Feel the magical energies of the Planet Venus working with US and the New Moon to start to ground , grow and bring our intentions to life.

The Powerful Energies of Venus

Reminding US to Surrender

Trust the creative force that is building within US

Allow the canvas to bring to life the TRUTH

Allow the Passion to open OUR heart

Be Alive

Be in total awe of the magic that surrounds US

Celebrate new birth in every moment

No time to look backwards

Feel propelled by the power of Un-conditional love

Strong, Vibrant , full of JOY

Listen to music

Breathe in the magic of the Air element

Re-energising US

Reminding Us who we Truly are

We are here NOW

Beings of pure light

Sparks of divine Wisdom

Unique and ready to flow with the powerful energies of Venus

Our Sister, Our Mother , Our daughter, Our lover…Our heroine, Our Warrior 

Bringing True Compassion with soft words of truth

Be still and listen to the voice of your soul

Write, sing, dance, play frolic this is a time to rejoice

To be connected to our Mother Earth

To be supported by our Father Earth

Unifying together 

Working together as One

All is well 

You are well

Pure LOVE is our TRUE essence 

Revel in the power of this magical earth journey

Go forth and receive divine abundance in every moment

Share your Wisdom from a place of purity 

Paint, dance, sing , write frolic in the sea

Paint , sing, sculptor, play frolic in the earth, the forests, the Skys 

Explore the next stage of your exciting journey

Ask for what you desire and concrete with nature to receive enjoy enjoy enjoy

New beginnings await in every moment

You are beautiful , you are JOYFUL  your are magnificent

You are here now grounded and on purpose 

Now go forth and be the light you came to be  from a place of PLAY

Created by Fiona C James @Sunshine Glen 11th April 2021

I am also offering you the New Moon meditation that can be listened to anytime you feel  you are called to set intentions .  

The New Moon is a great time for this but know you can ask for what you desire anytime.

When you register for the Sunshine Glen  newsletter  I will send you the New Moon guided meditation .  

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Have a wonderful New Moon and remember to set your intention or intentions and have fun


I love you dearly 💕