HI I am Fiona, and I live and work at a magical space called Sunshine Glen. My birthday Month is May and I love it.  In the Sunshine Glen  newsletter last week I shared about the magic of the Blossom Tree . The symbolism of the beautiful Cherry blossom tree. 

Growing with the Blossom Tree

“Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. Their life is very short. After their beauty peaks around two weeks, the blossoms start to fall. … A cherry blossom makes people merry”

So this flows into this week’s beauty offering celebrating Beltane on the 1st of May.  A time where we are at the height of Spring moving into the Summer months here in the Northern Hemisphere . Taking time to see and create space for beauty in your life.  

The Poem and combination of ART below flowed out of me as I enjoyed time in nature  and it merged with a beautiful  tulip in our garden and my recent painting.  Enjoy and have a Magical Month whenever you are reading this. 


The magical gift of Mother & Father Nature

Beltane Gifts from Nature 

A time of Fresh Dew

Gently washing away the Old Ways

Allowing the Sunlight in to transform

Let go of old patterns 

Light a candle , light a fire 

Dance Sing Create Be in JOY 

Together let Us usher in the Magic of May 

The sparkle of the bluebells 

Vibrant colours emerging in flow 

The changing shape and colour of the dandelions

Make a wish and let it be carried and seeded

Let it  go and trust that all is emerging in natural time

Connected to the heart beat of Mother  and Father Earth

Working together in Flow Harmony Pure Divine LOVE

Tune into the cycles breathe and allow yourself to receive

The magic of Mother and Father Nature

A  beacon of Light becoming stronger

Bringing forth JOY to all We connect with

Sing dance, create and be in awe of all that surrounds Us

Feel the love and joy of the colours of May opening your heart

A time to be in the magical mystery of this magnificent Month

Created by Fiona C James.    Sunshine Glen 1st.  May 2021


How do you create space to  let go of overwhelm and be focused? 

Some of the ways I connect to beauty is with nature, painting, poetry watching the beauty of nature  

 How do you allow beauty into your life

Remember if any other questions pop up as you read this poem honour them and remember treat yourself with the kindness and love you would your best friend.

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Tune into beauty to help you grow and flow