Hi my name is Fiona,  

To honour my beautiful Mum who passed away 12 months ago today .  I felt guided to share a poem and painting that helped me express my grief from a place of JOY , STRENGTH and LOVE.  

My intention is for you to find ways to bring beauty via creativity into your life to help raise your vibration.  Grief doesn’t  only occur when you loose a loved one but it maybe letting go of a marriage, job, or anything else that is causing sadness or fear. 

Below is the poem and painting .  Then I share the background of how creativity can help  raise our vibration when facing

I was hesitant about sharing this post  As I was pulled into a cultural pattern of not talking about death not wanting to  upset anyone. 

Let me clarify now I feel a great peacefulness envelop me as a write!  I thank you for witnessing this.

I have learnt that being emotional and being able to express my emotions   is a good thing.  The word emotion for me is energy in emotion and if energy gets stuck that is when we can feel blocked , unclear and it can also have an impact on our body. 

For me my first experience of Reiki  in 2003 uncovered some deep grief and when it was released it was really freeing and began my conscious spiritual life journey. 

I am now conscious of patterns and aware of the techniques that I use to  distract or avoid , push down feelings of grief from surfacing. 

Triggers can be feeling frustrated, irritated and sometimes anger .  So I reach out  for the crisps, or indulge in lots of romantic films on Netflix…And that is okay. 

Awareness of this pattern NOW  is a sign for me to stop and give myself permission to grieve or bring to the light any other feelings that are ready to be released and healed, before it manifests in the physical.  

This for me is an ongoing process.

An example of this was when I was told my mum had passed away quietly in her sleep  on  6th May last year my dad’s birthday. I was out walking and had just noticed some beautiful butterflies The sun was shining and I felt Happy that is the memory that I remember. 

 I also remember the last time I was blessed to visit Mum I fed her a trifle.  Her favourite!

I notice when clients come for Reiki Healing, Life Guidance sessions or just having conversations with friends the underlying cause  of sadness, frustration, confusion CAN be grief.  When light via healing , talking and being listened to  , inner guidance is shone on the perceived problem solutions can start to manifest.

Often we feel our loved ones with US which I believe is true however not being able to give them a hug or in the case of our Dog Jay have his welcome when we come home is real and it is okay to acknowledge this and release any sadness .  Or tell mum about how our family is growing. 

How does this support us with the intention for this  week of creating space to blossom.  

Perhaps this story will give some inspiration and clarity

As I shared the butterflies memory  when mum passed is so powerful and I wrote a poem and created a painting both are below

This is one of the ways that I release sadness or lower vibration energies for me to create something beautiful.

My intention in  sharing this story is for me to be real of where I am, writing , ART , Meditation are all wonderful gifts, I have uncovered since around 2004 to help me deal with the day to day challenges and life events from a place of TRUST and knowing all is well .  I am called to share this Wisdom from a place of LOVE and JOY. 

If you have chosen to read this blog please know that all is well and you are loved.  Awareness of our feelings and the distractions we create is powerful  wisdom and unique to YOU.    I ask you to be gentle and kind to yourself and find a way to see the beauty that surrounds US in every moment.  Allow yourself when you chose  to let go and let the light in and then you will find yourself moving forward in flow .

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Stop Trying to Make it Happen

Namaste I love you dearly