Hello Magnificent YOU

My name is Fiona, and I’m a Divine Joyfulness Guide and Artist. I help you raise your vibration so that you can finally release the blocks that have kept you stuck and unlock your TRUE magic.

I want to empower YOU to manifest the highest outcomes in you life. You can do this through my channeled Divine ART, downloadable guided meditations (available in magical shop), and one on one guidance sessions.

You may be going through a major life challenge like loss of a loved one, divorce, redundancy, empty nest syndrome, new parent, caring for ageing parents, or illness.

I have created a simple and powerful approach to bring you the healing magic of divine energy.

I help you reframe your fear, loneliness, anxiety, and confusion to peacefulness, contentment, focus and joy.

Abundance is your birthright. Did you know you are Magical? All it takes is knowing how to unlock it.

As we unlock YOUR divine magic, transformation ripples out onto all areas of your life.

You may,

Find your soul mate.

Find your true purpose and work you love.

Attract rich new opportunities.

Move forward in your life with ease.

Heal pain easily.

Because when you are in flow, everything changes.

We are creating a new story together. One of pure JOY and the highest vibration.

You are magnificent and I look forward to being your Divine Guide in creating your best life.


Striving to feel contentment

Striving to be at peace

Knowing that there is more

Searching, finding , searching, finding as WE ascend here on Earth

We are home NOW

NO more striving to reach our destination 

STOP and know all is well

Feeling disconnected

Feeling connected

Being called to change to evolve

Breathing deeply connecting to your divine magic, stepping out  to find new ways of being

New ways of living , working , loving


We are never alone

Letting go of FEAR, GUILT lower vibration energies no longer  part of our life

Unveiling your TRUTH

Letting  go of FEAR

Having FUN, humour, laughter, sharing JOY

Feeling a STRENGTH within a power that is unlimited

Knowing that  this is available at all times

This is YOUR time to unlock your TRUE Magic  to  move to the next level on the Spiral of evolution

Unicorns, Dragons , Angels , Ascended beings of light and your Guide team await

A wonderful world of JOY ,CLARITY and BLISS is here NOW

Sharing  JOY in every moment

Day to day challenges a signpost to rise above

Finding LOVE  in every situation 

Loosing LOVE and finding LOVE again a journey within

Asking for help

Receiving help

We are never alone

Letting YOUR divine gifts shine, shine, shine inflow

Reframing and reshaping our stories

As we raise our vibration together, together, together

Celebrating the LOVE  in our world and beyond

Acknowledging  our birthright to be abundant 

NO guilt , No striving ,  YES to ease, flow , JOY

This is the New Way and you are here NOW

I  see you as Magnificent

How do you see YOU ?

The time is NOW together we are Magnificent  Kind , loving, sacred DIVINE leaders of light

Join me in this exciting time as we raise the vibration of our wonderful planet together, together together. 

I LOVE  you dearly

Fiona C James

Divine Artist & Divine Guide , Joyful being of light and love